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March 2015

The Paletteers Art Club

Paletteers Art Club and SCFD Present:
"Art From the Heart" show.

"Art From the Heart" show information
February 3 – March 16, 2015
Where: Located at the College Hill Library, 3705 W. 112th. Ave., Westminster
(See Events Page for details on after show art pick-up)

The reception for the "Art From the Heart" art show had a great turn out even with the amount of snow outside. This was a wonderful occasion. The event brought the art community together - from artists, collectors and members of the Paletteers Art Club, including judge Randy Hale, and even some young artist from Korea who were interested in bia reliefs.

At the Award Ceremony there was many great applaudes to the Artists.
(See the artist recieving awards photos on Event Page)

Ann Christopher infront of the beautiful French style refreshment table she provided.

Artist Joyce Graf and friend taking a moment from looking at art to take a photo opp.

Artist Anne Martinez and Sandra Davis enjoying the celebration.


The Paletters wanted to thank you Randy Hale the judge for this show. We thank you for taking the time on judging this show. The comment you gave for the artist on what you look for when judging a show and what elements you look for when presenting an award was very helpful for our artist. It was nice to see their works through the judges eyes.
Thank you again Randy.

(Note Randy Hale will be giving a workshop in the fall and the dates will be posted when they are available.)

Several artwork were purchased including one from Joyces Graf and another from Becky Silver. Great Job!!!
See events for more photographs of the ceremony.

If you missed the reception the artwork is still on display till March 16, so come to the College Hill Library in Westminster. There are many artworks from talented artists who have really created a great collection of artwork. The viewer will enjoy the colors of well groomed horses to the pedal of a spring flower. If you like abstracts, the energy and design will dazzle the eyes. This show also offers sculpture like several bia reliefs in plaster of the human figure. Its a really a great show from some wonderful artists.

Best of Show - Anne Martinez
Judges Award - Gene Youngmann
Merit Awards - Pat Nading, Joyce Graf, Becky Silver, Sandra Davis
Honorable Mentions - Jane Doak, Ed Hansen, Ron Vegas, Margaretta Perry

"Art From the Heart Members Mini Show "
Dates: Friday, February 21 - 24
Located at the College Hill Library, 3705 W. 112th. Ave., Westminster

If your loooking for some smaller artwork or card, you might want to hurry times running out. All the mini artwork are for sale and there are watercolors, oils and much more.

The Art From The Heart Mini Show was a GREAT success. I am so excited that I wish to share how wonderful it was. There were 12 participating artists and over 100 mini pieces of artwork in various styles and mediums. In addition, there were lots of beautiful cards, bookmarks, and coasters. From the comments I was hearing during my visits, everyone thought it was the best ever because there so many mini paintings in the show.











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Quick news from our artists:

Upcoming Event!!! Artist Frances Wisner invites you to...

This Friday March 13, 2015 come see one of our own artist Frances Wisner. Mrs. Wisner, member of the Paleteers Art Club, has been a long time artist. She has been in several juried shows, including last fall at the Westminster Hall Show she was honored with an award.

On Friday, Artist Frances wants to invite you to come celebrate five beautiful acrylic paintings on view at the "Main Street Gallery" in Brighton. Frances has been working in acrylic for several years, mastering the constant challenge using acrylic paints.

Her art works titled "Cardinal", "Blue Jay", and "Black Swan" along with a couple of her other works will be on display. Come and join Mrs. Wisner and several new artist for a "Spring Event".








First Monday each month 10 a.m. Board Meeting

Second Monday each month (except July), 7 p.m. General Meeting Northglenn United Methodist Church
Ed. Bldg. 1551 W. 106th Ave.

Meetings Demo:
Date: March 9th 2015
Artist: Joyce Graf

The Paleteers Art Club wanted to thank Joyce Graf for giving a lively art demonstration.

Joyce brought several of her watercolors collection and gave some wonderful insite on how she approaches a piece. She talked about how she paints crystal glass subjects and how she does not use white in her works. Also how as an artist, she view her subjects at different view points to capture the best design. Sometimes even viewing the object at different vantage points than an person would normally view the subject. Her example was a light house that surrounding were not so interesting, but changing her location gave her a more dynamic view.

Then the second half of the demo Mrs Graf engages the club participants to do some fun activities. She got the audience to see how each other percieve the world different by two fun activities.

Then she emphasized how important it is to just get out and create, whether it for ourselves, to learn a new technique or for a competition.

If you missed Mrs. Joyce Graf demo, you might find her artwork or her in a gallery or in an art show. Joyce,a member of the Paleteers Art Club is a very active artist in Colorado. She enters serveral show a year thoughout Colorado, one show just last month. Joyces Graf's piece in the "Art From the Heart" show won an award and also sold.
Here is the judges comments on her watercolor piece.

" A Fox in Winter" by Joyce Graf - The soft, cool palette of color choices selected by the artist makes us feel the frosty temperature, but the warmer hues and darker values of trees, show holes, and fox all work together providing a necessary contrast that locks the viewer onto the "ever alert" gaze of painting's focal point - the fox!


Monthly Exhibits

Second Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September, and November,
Noon MAC 3295 W. 72nd Ave.

Second Tuesday in February, April, June, August, October and December, 9:30 a.m. Northglenn Rec. Ctr. Showcase 11801 Community Ctr. Dr.

Second Wednesday in February, April, June, August, October and December,
10 a.m
. Northglenn United Methodist Church 1605 W 106th Ave.

(Please verify exhibit change dates by attending the previous general meeting or contacting the exhibit chairperson.)