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Artist: Jan Gibson


Paletteers member artwork is also on display at these exhibit spaces:

Northglen Recreation Center
Northglenn United Methodist Church














The Paletteers Art Club
March 2017 - April 2017

March 2017

"Art From the Heart"
Reminder for the artist in the show: March 15, 2017
Wednesday 10 to 12:00
Pick up unsold art work.

On February 13, 2017 artist, friends and the jurior collected in the lower level of the Front Range College Hill Library, for a fun night of art. The Paletteers Art Club was having their annual "Art From the Heart" art show. What fun it was. There was a wonderful display of food design by Ann Christopher. The flow of a chocolate fountain was delightful and the punch had everyone coming back for more.

This was just the beginning after a bit of strawberries and cherries, the awards were given out by Bruce Gomez the judge of the show. If you haven't had the experience of meeting Bruce Gomez you have been really missing a fun time. It started out with the awards and valentine extra. See more awards photos.

For photos of show and reception
see Events
or Gallery

Then after the awards the crowd winded around the library following Bruce to each of the winning artworks. There Mr. Gomez gave great insight to why he picked the artwork for the award.
He was very lively talking about the piece. When he reflected why he picked the artwork he talked about in some pieces how the designs was used in a time in history, others how the color arrangement worked and why, and another piece how bravery of the artist was by trying a design flow that was very difficult to worked but did. In all the walk with the judge was very exciting but informative.

Artist: Bruce Gomez

Thank you artist Bruce Gomez.

Mr. Gomez thank you for taking the time not only for judging this show but take the time on explaining why the art worked and why the artwork was awarded a ribbon.


The annual show "Art From the Heart" sponsered by the " The Paletteers Art Club" and " SCFD" While the reception is overyou can still see the art, so please come and visit the College Hill Library grab a book and walk through the amazing art. There are many wonderful artworks that the community can enjoy. All are original artworks. Their are many mediums oil, acrylic, color pencil, mix medium and some sculpture which are in the cases.

Location: College Hill Library,
3705 W. 112th Ave.,
Westminster CO
Dates: February 2, to March 1
Time: When the library is open

The "Art From the Heart" Mini show in the side room is over. The demos were wonderful and a great success.

On Saturday, Feb. 11th, Patty Jones gave a demo on painting Valentine's cards. There were a lot of children and adults that joined and watched Mrs. Jones demonstrate how to create decorative cards. She showed them various techniques she uses.

Another artist, Edward Hansen on Tuesday, Feb. 14th, Painted in oils throughout the morning. Artist and readers alike came by and watched Mr. Hansen. He demonstrated how he applied oil paints to canvas to create realistic nature scenes.

Thanks to all the Paletteers memebers for demontrating there talents.

Artist in the Mini show from "Art From the Heart" that gave demos. If you wanted to remember who they were.

Artist's Information:
Saturday, Feb. 11th
, Patty Jones - painted Valentine's cards
Monday, Feb.13th, Dana Schoenschoefer created acrylic bookmarks
Monday, Feb.13th, Sandra Davis - used color pencil to transform color into a sparrow
Monday, Feb 13th, Betty Grace Gibson showed how to create artwork with a understandiing of design
Tuesday, Feb. 14th, Edward Hansen painted in oils demonstrating the use os oils and brushwork
Tuesday, Feb. 14th, Linda Enright invited children and adults to create art and have fun making it.


The Paletteers Art Club has some great artwork now up at The Front Range College Hill Libary. (Upper Level). Thes pieces will only be up for a week so come by but hurry for they will be gone soon.

Where: The College Hill Library (Upper Level)
3705 W. 112th Ave.

The MAC Artwork is another great place to find the Paletteers Art Club artwork

The Paletteers Art Club have for years been showing their artwork at the MAC. If you missed knowing about it, this is the place to find our artwork. There are abstracts, nature scenes, portraits, animals and much more. Come by and have a look or if you find a piece to buy just ask for information and help at the front desk.

The artwork is changes every 2 months. There are originals artwork and some prints. This is a great way to add to your art collection or just see what the Paletteers Members are painting.

Where: MAC
3295 W. 72nd Ave
Westminster CO


Anne Martinez,Jan Gibson, Sandra Davis, Lillian Montoya
who sold Paintings at the MAC
Betty Grace Gibson who sold a painting at the Northglenn
Rec. Center.






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Jan. 9th - 7pm, General Membership Meeting,

Located: Northglen United Metodist Church Annex, 1605 W. 106th Ave, Northglenn
Interested in Paletteers come to the meeting as a guest aqnd find out what the group has to offer.



Note to members or from members:

There will be a new page for artists. This page will include information for artist about show other then the Clubs, openings, events, and other art related items.




First Monday each month 10 a.m. Board Meeting

Second Monday each month (except July), 7 p.m. General Meeting Northglenn United Methodist Church
Ed. Bldg. 1551 W. 106th Ave.

Meetings Demo Presentation:

March 13, 2017

Artist: Demo: Charlie Walter

Media: encaustics

Demo Photos and infomation
see demos

Monthly Exhibits

Northglenn Rec Center
Mar. 14, 9:30 a.m. 11801 Community Center Dr.
Northglenn (Tuesday after the
Paletteers Meeting, 8.85% tax)

Mar. 15, 12 noon. 3295 W 72nd Ave, Westminster
(Wednesday after the Paletteers
Meeting, 8.6% tax)

College Hill Library - Upper Level
Mar. 17, 9:00 a.m. Front Range Community College
3705 W 112th Ave., Westminster
(Pick-up only, we will resume this
exhibit in a couple months)

(Please verify exhibit change dates by attending the previous general meeting or contacting the exhibit chairperson.)