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Featuring Artist:
Title: In Tune
by Art Sanchez


Paletteers member artwork is also on display at these exhibit spaces:

Northglen Recreation Center
Saint Anthony North Hospital
Northglenn United Methodist Church













January 2015

The Paletteers Art Club

Paletteers Art Club Presents:

Its that time of year, get ready for the annual "Art From the Heart" show. This show draws in artists, collector, and people who just enjoy art and being at the College Hill Library it is a great place for children to come and experience art and meet the artists.

Artist get you masterpieces finished. Friends save the date with your family and friends to join the Paletteers Art Club for the "Art From the Heart" show.

"Art From the Heart" show information
February 3 – March 16, 2015
Reception date: Sunday, February 22 - 2-4pm
Where: Located at the College Hill Library, 3705 W. 112th. Ave., Westminster

Artist information:
This is a Juried Art Show that is open to residents of Adams County, the city of Westminster age 18 and over, and juried members of Paletteers Art Club.

Important Artist Dates:
***Important change of date: The Monday, January 19 date - (Deadline date for receipt of entries form)
has been extended to Monday January 26 2015
Mail completed form to Becky Silver, Please make sure the entry forms are sent to 10154 Meade Ct., Westminster, CO 80031
(Note to Paletteers Members please check the address you sent your entry form. The Paletteers Newsletter may have the wrong address. The website Entry form has the correct mailing address. If you have questions: Becky Silver at 303-466-2512)
Tuesday, February 3 - 10:00 - 11:30 am All Artworks delivered
Tuesday, February 3 - 11:30 Judging of show
Tuesday, February 3 - Artists called to pick up rejects by 1:00

Deadline for receipt of entries: Monday, January 19, 2015
For entry form and details click on Shows and Events link:

"Art From the Heart Memebers Mini Show "
Dates: Friday, February 21 - 24
Located at the College Hill Library, 3705 W. 112th. Ave., Westminster


Art Sanchez
who sold a painting at the Membership Show.

Jan Houston artwork called "Rythm in Repose" was in the art show "Great and Small" at the New Core Art Gallery.

Doris Weiss sold her acryllic painting titled "Winter Scene" at the MAC.


Paletters Membership Show
View the awarded artwork that was on display at Westminster Hall.
(see Shows and Events link)











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First Monday each month 10 a.m. Board Meeting

Second Monday each month (except July), 7 p.m. General Meeting Northglenn United Methodist Church
Ed. Bldg. 1551 W. 106th Ave.

Meetings Demo:
January 12th, Cynthia L Peer
"Controversial Caravaggio"

View a beautiful slide show presentation as the history of Caravaggio's wonderful works of art and the artist who created them unfolds.

Caravaggio was the great master and creator of emotional religious works of art and much more; who arrives in Rome "naked and extremely needy, without a fixed address and short of money". Does this give you some idea as to the kind of character we will get to know in this wonderful presentation?


Monthly Exhibits

Second Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September, and November,
Noon MAC 3295 W. 72nd Ave.

Second Thursday in March, May, July, September, and November, 9:00 a.m. St. Anthony North Hospital 2581 W. 84th Ave

Second Tuesday in February, April, June, August, October and December, 9:30 a.m. Northglenn Rec. Ctr. Showcase 11801 Community Ctr. Dr.

Second Wednesday in February, April, June, August, October and December,
10 a.m
. Northglenn United Methodist Church 1605 W 106th Ave.

(Please verify exhibit change dates by attending the previous general meeting or contacting the exhibit chairperson.)