The Paletteers Art Club
April 2017 - May 2017

Demo Calander:

May 8,

Artist: Becky Enabnit Silver

Last month we had a special guest and a member of the Paletteers Art Club, artist Becky Enabnit Silver gave a wonderful demo. Becky has been an artist for many years. As a matter of fact most people only have known her as a artist it has been that long. Becky has WOWed us with her artwork and you probably seen her art if you have been in Westminster for awhile.

As a matter of fact you might have caught her watercolor piece a couple months ago at the Front Range Library. The piece really showed off her mastery of watercolor. A true understanding of atmosphere and lighting. The piece she presented was of an aspen grove. The perspective of the viewer is looking up a slope into the brilliant colors of mountain trees and the sun is shining through the trees. You could almost feel the sun hitting your face by beams of light as they reflect and bounce off the shimmering bark. Of course she won an award for this piece.


Well you say how can this get any better, well she gave a demo. Ms. Enabnit Silver brought a photo of a mountain scene viewed from far away. Then she went to work pulling colors brushes, bottles, plastics and paper.

She sprays the paper then color then lays crimpled plastic over it. Soon the mountains started to form with snow caps. She talks about her process, timing and what next. There is so much to absorb and to learn that I highly recommend taking her workshops.

Becky as a watercolorist has a long history in the field. She has a strong understanding of her the medium and is a great resourse on how to paint and develope skills to create a nice work of art. Her art really capture the moment in time.


Thank you Becky for a fun and informative demo.


If you want to learn more about Becky and her gallery visit

Aar River Gallery, 3707 W. 73rd Ave.,
Westminster, 80030.